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It started as a task in a packaging and bottle creation project and evolved into RAF.Mockup, our highly specialized mockup and prototype division.

Our production lab works as an extension of our
client’s product development department.



Creating packaging, cartridges, flow packs, shrink sleeves, and volumetric models.


Exclusive label and tag printing process.

3D Printing

3D printing system used to create exact models using photosensitive resin.

Color Proofs

Production of super high fidelity PANTONE and CMYK color proofs on a broad range of surfaces, such as metallic film and transparent, glossy or semi gloss paper, among others. This allows us to explore colors using samples and develop new shades in order to get a real-world feel of the products.


Printing system that uses hot stamping to produce metallic effects and special paint jobs on bottles and packages.

Hero Packaging

pecial prototyping technology that produces the highest product value for use in advertising videos and shoots, with different package sizes and labels, among other options.